Premiere of First They Came For…

The new powerful human-rights inspired film by Kate Chaplin will make its big premiere at Cinephile’s 2008 Indiana Festival of Independent Film. 

Inspired by the poem by Reverend Martin Niemoller of the same name, First They Came for… is set in a not so distant future where a nondescript regime takes away various discriminated groups out of everyday situations where they are creating no crime, all the while, our Narrator (Scott Ganyo) watches this injustice happen and struggles between standing up and saving himself. 

With the help of her award-winning crew and impeccable cast, Kate Chaplin brought the Niemoller poem to life. “It was an ambitious task” admits writer/director Kate Chaplin, “trying to create a visual story based on the historic poem but the final film is a powerful display of the importance of human rights.”

Chaplin’s main drive to make this film a reality was to share it with students. “I found in my research that many educators use this poem when talking about human rights, whether it was under the lesson plan of civil rights, woman’s rights or Holocaust remembrance.” Chaplin was a visual learner in school and wanted to take on the task of taking a powerful message and translate it to the screen so that another generation could perhaps learn visually from its powerful message that indifference is not the answer.

First They Came for…will premiere at the 3rd annual Indiana Festival of Independent Film sponsored by Cinephile Film Arts, Saturday, February 16. Event begins at 3:00pm at the historic Buskirk-Chumley Theater in Bloomington, Indiana.

ABOUT THE FILM MAKER: Named a “Naptown notable resident” by as well as one of the “most talented writers around today” by the Writer’s Page, Kate Chaplin is an award-winning author and film maker whose projects have appeared on MTV, local television, in print and online. She is the author of The Belief Test and the writer/director of short films such as LOSS and First They Came for… She is the President of the Indy Writers’ Group and a proud mother of two beautiful girls. Kate proudly resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For more information about First They Came for, future Karmic Courage Productions, or to schedule an interview, email Kate Chaplin at karmiccourage(AT)yahoo(DOT)com.


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