Success at South Bend!

This past weekend writer/director Kate Chaplin attended the IUSB IVFF (Indiana University of South Bend Independent Video and Filmmakers Festival) with fellow producers Mark Lastovich and Joshua Leach.

“It was definately worth the drive to meet with other amazing filmmakers and see some great independent cinema” says Chaplin.

Chaplin’s film First They Came for was screened twice at the festival. “Feedback was great.” says Chaplin, “It was really cool showing the film at a university where many audience members were already familiar with the original poem.”

Chaplin was also asked to be on in the Director’s Workshop where filmmakers talked about the rigorous process of making their films and fielding questions from the audience. When asked why there was more horror and comedy films in the independent market Chaplin’s response was, “The weekend box office has a trickle down effect to independent cinemas. Seeing that Prom Night or The 40-Year Old Virgin made a whole ton at the box office can cause a filmmaker to say, hey I can do that.” She went on to slam Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino for influencing a whole generation of filmmakers because after watching films like Reservoir Dogs or Clerks “you think hey, I can make something better that that!”

Meaning no disparagement to the two notable filmmakers after all Chaplin herself admits that she moved from Michigan to California, “to be the next Tarantino.”

The IUSB IVFF is in it’s 7th year and screened films from all over the midwest and included amazing films from Canada, Japan, and Spain. For more info about the festival check out


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