Three Kate Chaplin Workshops with IFN

Kate Chaplin will be giving three workshops at the Indiana Filmmakers Network covering the world of screenwriting.

Kate will offer insights and exercises by breaking down the screenwriting formula:

  • Who is your hero?
  • What is his/her problem?
  • How is he/she going to solve it?

May 13 Kate will be focusing on character as she invites the group to explore, who is the hero of your story?

June 10Kate will talk about plot lines, by breaking down the second rule of the logline, what is your hero’s problem? Kate will bring along her Index Card method to show screenwriters a new way to see their story.

July 8 Kate will take on the ever-important third act in screenwriting which is, how is your hero going to solve his/her problem? Kate will guide the group through backwards writing technique. Allow writers and filmmakers to see the end result of their story and then challenge them to work backwards, focusing only on cause and effect.

Aug 12the screenwriting workshops will conclude with the IFN Screenwriters’ Coffee House where an group of screenwriters will gather to talk about the craft of screenwriting.

For information about IFN, it’s meeting times, and locations, check out



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