Shoki Images

In the process of writing the script I use as many images as I can get my hands on to get a better handle of the world I’m creating. What follows are images that I found on the Internet that are pieces of the puzzle in creating my next short film, Mythic Waters: Shoki’s Bag.


We’re using the mythology of a Shoki, a demon qweller, to tell a story of the power and destruction of shame. The first images are of the mythical character Shoki. Shoki mythology is the foundation of the character we are creating. Shoki is a half-man/half wolf character. Not a werewolf, just a creature that does not belong to one realm or another.


Shoki the demon qwellerShoki and the girlShoki Image from mythology



Eyes of Shoki

Fairy Tale Inspiration for the look and of Shoki being wolf-like

Look of the forest

More Shoki wolf-like inspiration Water plays a large element in the film, I love the colors in this and the framing

For the water spirte I like this image of fluidity

Shoki when he gets angry

A statue of a lion-like creature, could be an intresting mix to Shoki’s costume

A possible look for the water sprite. Very proper but very clean.

Loved the visual of this as seeing into the roots, reminded me of seeing inside the bag that Shoki carries

Love the look of this forrest

Love the color and texure. I’d love the film to look like this.

The types of places Shoki could roam around in

Another color and texture picture I dig.

One thought on “Shoki Images

  1. polina osherov says:

    love, love the images – particularly, the forest pics, the one of the woman with the horse and the tunnel…ah hell, they’re all great! 🙂 Do we really need to wait till NEXT summer to do this??

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