Trip to La-la land

Seven years ago my husband and I left Los Angeles in search of a better life. We found a great spot in Indiana to raise our girls and plant seeds for the future. 

This past weekend I was fortunate to return to the city of lights, this time for an accomplishment that I thought could only be a dream. 

Our 5 minute film First They Came for… was screened on Hollywood Blvd at the Gold Award Film Festival (GAFF). It wasn’t just any Sunday, but the morning of the Academy Awards. The “big show” was still being prepped only 3 miles down the road when the Judges at the GAFF announced the Silver Award to our little film, First They Came for…

If there was anyway to return to a city that nearly harshed my buzz of becoming a filmmaker, this was the way to do it. It was really cool to return to LA as an award-winning filmmaker with 3 films already under my belt. This time I held my head higher (no too high) on the streets of Hollywood Blvd. If you’ve ever driven down Hollywood Blvd at night you’ll notice that it actually glitters with some man-made substance they added to the tar. I used to joke that it sparkled with crushed dreams of people wanting to “make it” in Hollywood. 

As I stood at the podium to accept our award, I focused on Ryan, Sujey and Sarah.

Sujey was my BFF when I lived in LA. She saw through nice-but-tough boss exterior and encouraged me to stick with my creativity. Her soft and lovely voice was always a guide to not give up.

Sarah is my BFF in Indy. She’s reminds me to have fun. She’s there when I suceed and she’s there when I fall. She reminds me of how much I’ve done and what real friendship is.

If my husband would admit to having a BFF it would be Ryan. From the moment I met Ryan in LA I knew we’d hit it off too. When Ryan is “on” he has this bigger than life personality. It’s as if he opens a door and says “come on in” when I do I feel like there is a spot light on us and we’re fab. Ryan makes me feel beautiful, fun, and funny. I feel I am a more comfortable with myself when I’m with Ryan.

So there was three of my BFF’s. Old friends and new friends who didn’t care if we won or not, there were there to share in a dream. Each of them knew how hard I fought for a moment like this, how I never thought I would be good enough. They all knew of a dream that was born in LA that couldn’t grow there.

The seed of filmmaking was planted in my childhood home of Michigan

Transferred to LA soil where it couldn’t withstand the climate 

Nursed back to health in Savannah, GA

And took roots in Indiana

It wasn’t until the seed caught glance at the Hollywood sign that the dream flowered and dropped more seeds, to grow more dreams.


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