Star Wars Bake Sale

Save the Date!

May 15th


1695 Clinton Street, Noblesville, IN

As many of you know, my little production company is working on a new short film about how Star Wars can ruin your life. It’s a fun comic romp of a baby girl born Leah yet through her life everyone keeps comparing her to the Galactic Princess with cinnamon buns on her head.

Saturday, May 15th from 10am-2pm we are hosting an epic bake sale to raise money for production costs of making the film. We are trying to raise $3000 to make the film and another $2000 to get music licencing and get the film into festivals and conventions. No one on the cast or crew is getting paid, we’re doing this to be a huge calling card of what we can do so that we can move on into making feature films.

Any help would be awesome. Bake goods will start at $1. Come see the $1,000 cupcake! If you can’t come to the bake sale but believe in the project and believe I can make it awesome then you can donate to the project online. We have a link to Paypal on our website Click on the “Donate” button by Darth Vader asking you to come to the bake sale.

May the frosting be with you!


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