Intensive Screenwriting Workshop

Karmic Courage Productions to host intensive, hands-on workshops this fall-spring.

First up will be a SCREENWRTING INTENSIVE. It will be a 8 week class where students will receive one-to-one interaction on how to have your script pass a Hollywood Reader. The class will cover:

  • What a script should look like
  • The elements of a screenplay (i.e. what goes where)
  • Screenwriting software demos
  • Character arc workshops
  • Discussions and dissections of how theme intertwines a screenplay
  • Exciting central conflicts that keep the reader reading
  • Subplots that keep the action moving forward
  • Interesting setting exercises
  • Point of view discussions
  • How to set the right tone
  • Dialogue workshop where professional actors will read your dialogue to see if it rings true
  • What does and doesn’t belong in Act 1, 2, and 3

There will be viewing assignments, homework, in class exercises, demonstrations and comparisons to existing films. At the end of this class you’ll have the tools to complete a screenplay to show to agents, producers, or even direct yourself.

All experience levels are welcome. Workshop with a work-in-progress, completed script, or just an idea. Novelist, playwright and short story writers may also be interested but please know that we are tailoring this workshop to screenplay structure.

Your instructors will be, multi-award-winning writer/producer, Kate Chaplin and Hollywood insider Veronica Diaz. Read more about us on the “About us” page of

Registration by mail is open now. Here is the Screenwriting Registration form. Online registration will start on within the month of August.

Registration closes Sept 20, 2010

Class Schedule is Wednesday’s Sept 22-November 10 from 7pm-9pm

Classes take place at the new Karmic Courage Workshop, 1393 Wayne Street, Noblesville.

Class fee is $240 for the 8 week class.

Class size is limited to 8 students.

Drop in classes are available for $30. Email officekcp(AT)yahoo(DOT)com for info on specific classes for drop ins.


FINANCING INTENSIVE – 8 week class – $240 – Registration opens October 4, 2010 – class schedule Wednesdays Nov 17-Jan 19

BUDGETING/SCHEDULING INTENSIVE – 4 week class – $120 – Registration opens December 13, 2010 – class schedule Wednesdays January 26-February 16

PRE PRODUCTION INTENSIVE – 8 week class – $240 – Registration opens Jan 31,2011 – class schedule Wednesdays Feb 23-April 13


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