Flashy Logo or Not to Logo…That is the question

So my producer partner, Veronica, and I have been working on a new logo for Karmic Courage Productions. The current logo we have isn’t really popping, and it’s been the same for the last 5 years. We’ve toyed around with a variety of ideas and might be close to something we both like. Then came the animating question.

Karmic Courage is not a studio, not a distributor, we are an independent production company. So far we are marketing short films. So is it pretentious to have a animated and flashy logo in front of our films? Should we do what Joss Whedon did with Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and just have text followed by a 10 seconds logo at the end like TV shows do? Or forget a logo all together and just have, “a Karmic Courage Production?”

So I researched, and researched. I can’t find a definitive answer. I know that TV (like what Whedon does) has a very quick (sometimes animated) logo at the end. And for films in general it’s distributor logo, movie studio logo, production company logo then opening title text.

But is a short film more like a TV show? Get to the show, put all the credits at the end with a super quick logo. But I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I’m just trying to make sense of it all.

So it’s films we make, and we show them at film festivals and conventions so to get that “film feel” it should follow the film formula so I’m back to, is it pretentious to have over 5 second animated logo for a production company for a few hundred people know about? I understand it’s branding but isn’t it also impersonation?

I think of the movies I see in the theater and the logos that they start with. Almost all of them are movie studios; Universal, Disney, Paramount, Fox etc. I think of production companies that I see logos of like; Focus Features (owned by NBC/Universal) Imagine, (association of Universal), Working Title (owned by Universal). The Weinstein Company is the closest I can find to an independent production company that has a logo in front of it’s movies and is not owned by a studio.

However it does look like Weinstein’s did sell their distribution business to Vivendi, has their new titles go through Sony for DVD distribution, and their catalog was sold off to Goldman Sacks and Assured Guaranty. So I’m wondering how wonderful it is to be independent after all, because for crying out loud these are the fricken’ Weinstein’s! I would give my left boob to work for the Weinstein’s, the projects these brothers find are some of my favorites of all time. They create name directors out of finding independents like me.

Anyway, getting sidetracked – Karmic Courage is not a movie studio, not a distribuitor, not owned or associated by a studio, not a TV production company. We are two chicks trying to make innovative and thought provoking material that fills a void and tells a story. Can’t we just tell the story and not have a flashy animated logo? Will people think less of us and we just have text and get to the story? Would we be making a huge misstep if we didn’t have a logo? Would we be pretentious to have a big flashy logo like the big guys?

The debate continues.


2 thoughts on “Flashy Logo or Not to Logo…That is the question

  1. terry says:

    Most film logos come across to me as pretentious and largely ineffective. Since KCP is not as large as say; WB, Paramount or Fox (3 studios whose logos I actually can recall), I believe you can do without and let the film do the talking or branding. Honestly, how many people choose a film to view based on Fox’s searchlight symbol? Effective logos are symbols that are memorable and cause consumers to associate the symbol with the company and help them buy. Nike’s swoosh, Coca-Cola’s band, Harley-Davidson’s bar & shield, MickeyD’s golden arches are top logos that work. It took many years and mucho dinero to cause those logos to work. Put your energies into your films. As they catch on, you will have more need for a logo, for now I’d skip it.

  2. Junior Minns says:

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