The Celebration Diet Now Available!

Just in time for the holiday’s The Celebration Diet has arrived at

The Celebration Diet by award-winning filmmaker Kate Chaplin this wonderful gift book is filled with hundreds of ideas that easily fit any kind of celebration; birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weight loss, reaching milestoneS, getting that promotion, A+ report card, or just because it’s Friday!

Celebrating is so important because it is a time to pause from your normal routine and do something different to honor an accomplishment. Our culture goes out to eat much more offer than before. What would be more memorable celebration, a night out at a restaurant or test driving expensive sport cars?

The Celebration Diet will inspire you to finds ways to create meaningful celebrations that add to your spirit instead of your waist line. Over 500 ideas in 148 pages. A great gift!

Ideas like

  • Celebrate losing the weight by having your portrait painted.
  • Celebrate his birthday by hiring a celebrity impersonator.
  • Celebrate your anniversary and surprise her with a room filled entirely with flowers.
  • Having a bad day? Crash it out in bumper cars.
  • Celebrate Friday by singing along to the radio as loud as your can.
  • Celebrate a milestone by having a trophy made of your accomplishment.

Chapters include

  • Celebrate the Holidays
  • Low on Money Celebrations
  • Celebrations for the Young (or young at heart)

Download and paperback print copies are available to the public online via (Note: copies purchased from Lulu are not personalized.)

Worried about shipping? Kate Chaplin will be at the  Anderson Public Library Friday, December 10th from 11:30am-3:00pm. With 111 East 12th Street, Anderson, IN. Kate Chaplin will be there signing copies of Celebration Diet and also The Belief Test.


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