Belief Test Book Trailer

I should really update the book trailer for my first book “The Belief Test.” It was at the start of learning to use Sony Vegas editing software. I stutter when I watch the edits, but I still like the basic concept.

The Belief Test was born in 2001. Around that time I was starting my own gift basket business and my good friend Sujey would come into my home office and help me out. We’d talk about life, love, religion and politics. We’d read books made up of interesting questions and it wasn’t long before we started making up our own questions. I wrote out 200 questions of what would later become “The Belief Test.” It was just something introspective Sujey and I did.

For years the questions sat in a filing cabinet. Sujey started asking if friends to see the questions. I sent her the list. She then asked when I’d make it into a book.

In 2005 I self published “The Belief Test: Questions to Ask Yourself on the Journey of Life.” I dedicated the book to Sujey.

I didn’t expect much from the release. I knew the book would find the people who need it.

The book has been on and off The price has changed due to Amazon and Lulu’s costs over the years, but I’m proud to say it’s still out there. I’ll see listings for it in Canada and the UK. There are teenagers who live by it and even a gradeschooler who keeps a copy in the car for long trips. I proud to say, it’s helped people overcome loss, abandonment, and find themselves. Not to shabby for a little book of questions.

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