Directing Workshop

UPDATE:  We’ve decided to cancel the Feb 5th Directing Workshop due to low RSVP’s. The great news is that Karmic Courage is changing gears and ramping up to provide free online videos on aspects of filmmaking. This way, no matter your schedule, you’ll be able to check out the great information and tips KCP has to offer indie filmmakers.

Stay tuned to our website for updates.

Thanks again for your support of Karmic Courage Workshops!

The crunch is on to see if the Karmic Courage Directing Workshop will take place Feb 5th. The class will be hella awesome and Veronica Diaz and I are really looking forward with putting on the class, however we still need the minimum of 4 students to make it worth everyone’s time.

The class will cover: the job of the director, casting, working with actors, directing the crew, basic terms, how to run productive and successful meetings, how to work a shot list, and the low down of how to establish yourself on the first day on set or stage.

Great for seasoned directors and people looking to get their first project off the ground. We guarantee that everyone will learn something new they can take to their next set or stage.

Most indie films spend 3 times longer in editing than studio films. The reason? Inadequate direction.

This class will give you the tools to shorten your production schedule, speed up your post production schedule, have a great collaborative relationship with your cast and crew, and give you an end product that more fits your vision.

The weekend class is held Feb 5, 10am-5pm at the Karmic Courage Production Workshop in Noblesville, IN. Class is $75.

  • 10am-11am – The Job of the Director
  • 11am-12pm – Casting & Directing Actors
  • 12pm-1pm – Lunch provided
  • 1pm-2pm – Directing the Crew
  • 2pm-3pm – Director’s Terms
  • 3pm-4pm – Meetings and Shot Lists
  • 4pm-5pm – 1st day on the job

What our students have said about our workshops

“Totally got my money’s worth” – Award-winning novelist, Debra Kemp

“Very informative and makes a lot of sense.” – Actress,  Cassandra Schoomer

“Thanks for the great classes I learned a lot” – Screenwriter, Kareema Smith

If you’re interested in a one day intensive training on directing for indie films check out our website


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