Psychic Movie Critic – Arthur

I’m going to play Psychic Movie Critic and draw assumptions only from watching the trailer of the new movie “Arthur”. I’ve done this a few times with friends but now I’m putting it on the line, let’s see how wrong I am.

I loved the original Arthur with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli, I must have watched it countless times and couldn’t decide who I wanted to be more, Arthur, the rich drunk with an obsession with childhood, or Linda, a poor but happy-to-be-her funky woman. Now there is a remake staring Russell Brand (Arthur), Helen Mirren (Hobson, now female), Greta Gerwig (Linda.) Gerwig is not featured in the trailer but Jennifer Gardner (Susan) is. I wonder worry that might take some of the heart of the original movie out of the remake, but then again, after watching the trailer I think the film has the same heart and quirkiness in the original film. I think Brand (who I have not seen much of his work) will do a great job. I think maybe Steve Coogan could have been a better pick, but I love anything with Coogan in it.

I’m going to guess that it will follow the same basic storyline of riches to rags and finding true love and one’s sense of self. The jokes will be modern but still childish like the original. Brand will be great, Mirren will be as good as Sir John Gielgud, Gardner might be funny and charming.  I don’t think it would won’t be the best film ever but worth seeing on a Saturday night.


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