Debra Kemp Series – Done!

After way too long than I want to admit, the Debra Kemp Interview Series is done and online.

With the project done I’ve been thinking a lot about the day we filmed the series.

We acquired the location in a friend’s house. We called the location “The Castle.” Sure it was a house but how many houses have turrets that you can actually stand at the top and pour over boiling oil if you want to?

We set up in the library. This library was 2 stories complete with a circular staircase leading to the second floor. The look was amazing; warm colors, great texture, the sunshine filled the room. We couldn’t have filmed at a better location.

Sure Karmic Courage produced this project but I didn’t work alone. Stacey Mayo did the wonderful make up for Ms. Kemp. Thomas Johnson set up the warm lighting to great detail. Chuck Budreau captured wonderful sound in what could have been a echo-plex. Brian Pearce did a fabulous job running my little Sony camera and logging the takes. My job was to keep Debs relaxed, ask her questions and make sure we had a great interview series to showcase her amazing story. It’s not understating it that Debs was very nervous.

I remember it taking us about 3 hours to film the whole series. We stayed in the Castle for a little longer taking a tour of the home and listening to great stories from the owner. I don’t know if anyone was in a real hurry to get off set that day. It was a wonderful work environment, planned, and went off seamlessly.

Then came editing. Then came me sucking.

Debs is so patient with me – much more than she should be. We filmed the series in June or July of 2009. The first and second episode went online November of that year. Part 3 came in December of 2009. Then I started sucking. I got too busy with freelance gigs and just general procrastination. Part 4 didn’t show up until July of 2010.

Brian Pearce came and helped editing episode 4 and episode that was giving me trouble with the dialogue flowing together. When Veronica Diaz came on board to Karmic Courage she helped with episode 5. We both agreed we needed to finish the series and get it out there for Debs fans.

Episode 4 and 5 went up fast. Then for some stupid reason on my part the last two episodes just sat in a timeline waiting for me to put the polish on them.

I should have had the series done in a month or two after wrap. There was no reason that I couldn’t have. I’ve beat myself over the procrastination but today, with the series complete I think I know why it took so long.

Uploading the last video was a little sad. It should have felt victorious but it didn’t. I didn’t want the series to end. I liked working on it. I love the memory of that shoot. I like the idea that someone (Debs) was asking “when will the new video be up.” It’s so selfish of me that I liked having someone ask when a new project would be done – AKA a fan.

I love the series we did with Debs. She has an amazing story of perseverance to publication. It’s a story that many people, regardless of being writers can relate to. I loved working with her and my crew. It was a day that I am so glad was captured on video.

The entire series (all 7 parts) are on the Karmic Courage You Tube page

Posted below are the first and the last in the series.

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