FREE Karmic Courage “Film Festival”

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The wonderful ladies at the Tipton Public Library and the Tipton Arts Commission have asked me to come and show Karmic Courage films and talk about the process of getting my films made.

When I first entered into this it was just for “Leah Not Leia” a film I wrote and produced, but to my surprise they wanted to show all my films. I’m excited and nervous and I’ve grown a lot since the early work. I also worry that such a night as this will come of egotistical. I keep telling myself that it’s an educational experience to show how filmmaking evolves with challenges and growth.

It’s going to be a great night because my early work, LOSS and Laundry Day are not on the internet, so this is a great opportunity to come see the films that many people haven’t seen.

The ladies putting on the event are doing a fantastic job. There will be movie snacks, popcorn and soda presented on a “red carpet.”

Hope you can make it!

Tipton Public Library

Saturday, August 13th

127 E. Madison Street, Tipton, Indiana


Films include:

Laundry Day
First They Came For…
An Interview with Debra Kemp
Spoon Heist
An Episode from the Karmic Courage Screenwriting Webseries
Leah Not Leia


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