Tipton Rocks!

The wonderful ladies at the Tipton Public Library put on in incredible event August 13th for the Karmic Courage Film Retrospective Event. They rolled out the red carpet, made a movie marquee, had fresh popped popcorn and snacks a plenty! It was really a great night!

We showed 7 of the films I’ve produced with Karmic Courage Productions. A mix of drama and comedy, narrative and documentary, live action and stop motion.  The films were: Laundry Day, LOSS, First They Came for, Debra Kemp Interview, Spoon Heist, Screenplay Workshop Episode 2 and Leah Not Leia.

I answered questions and told the stories of how one film lead to another. So wonderful to see family, friends, cast, crew, fans, and new friends at the event.

We raised $20 to go towards the next 3 Karmic Courage Productions. Thank you to all who donated. If you were low on cash we do have a paypal account. All donations go towards Karmic Courage Productions.  Click here to donate to Karmic Courage




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