2012 Reminders To Myself

A New Year. An opportunity for a new start? I don’t really need a new start, just a plan to keep the awesomeness going and keep myself centered on what matters.

Film projects for 2012

  • Ingénue – feature sci-fi
  • Directions – short, comedy
  • Here’s Moses! – webseries, spin-off from Love Dance, director
  • Untitled All Female Creative Project – webseries, director
  • “The Women of Starbase Indy” – documentary, director

Writing Projects for 2012

  • Mythic waters – Young Adult fantasy novel
  • Ingenue Diary – Non-Fiction
  • I Blame Lucas – movie memoir

Things to promote in the New Year

  • Karmic Courage Collection DVD
  • Leah Not Leia DVD
  • Love Dance – screenings and DVD
  • Home Security/The Collective – screenings, reviews and DVD
  • Ingenue
  • Mythic Waters

In the New Year I need to remember to say something in all my work. Make sure it has a message. I can have a message that isn’t in tent pole movies. I can make something more daring, more enlightening, more thought-provoking like the movies I used to watch as a kid. I have to give myself permission to make a film that people will want to watch over and over again because they get something new out of it each time.

I have to remember that people are gonna hate. They will want to strike me down because they feel competition, jealously, or see in me something they hate in themselves. I can’t please everyone. I just do the best I can and let the chips fall where they may. Stay away from flame wars, they only hurt everyone.

I do have to continue to remove myself from those who are unhealthy for the person I want to be. I’m a sponge at times and absorb other people’s energy. I need to remember to stay away from the idiots who don’t know what they are doing or have nothing to say. Remove myself from people who are negative and push other people down to make themselves feel bigger. Keep away from people who are trying to harm me or my family.  Stay away from those who spend more time bad mouthing others than working on creating their own work.

I need to remember that it’s not about the money. How much I have, how much a friend’s film makes, about how high the budget is. I’ve made more with less. I’ve had better creative outlets knowing there is little to no money to throw at it. Money doesn’t equal better. Money also doesn’t buy class. Working on another person’s film just for the money doesn’t mean I will be treated well or even respected for the work I put into the project.

It’s not about how many films I work on in a given year anymore. I want to focus on the quality not the quantity. 2011 was the first year that Karmic Courage had in production or screening 4 projects.  The goal has always been 2-3 projects in a year. I still think that is a good number.

I do want to garner a wider fan base. I do want to reach out of Indiana. I think travel will help. I don’t want to leave Indiana just have a wider perspective of writing and filmmaking.

I want to get more independent in my filmmaking and not have to worry if the right equipment will be able to get on set. I’d like to be able to just come up with an idea on a Friday and shoot it that weekend.

My Superhero Family

I have to remember that I only have a few years left of being at home. I only have a few years left for this filmmaking dream. I need to show my girls that is was worth it, that I did some great stuff in that time and that they helped me and motivated me to do my best with the opportunity I had. I need to be able to show them that it’s worth fighting and working hard for your dream even if you need to walk away from it at some point.

I’d like to blog more. Not sure about what exactly but I’d like to write more. Even if they are little film enlightenment pieces, I think it would be nice.

I’d like to do the best I can. I know I’ll anger people in the New Year but I also make some new amazing friends. I’ll have some adventures and setbacks. I’ll see my children grow and my parents get older. I’ll learn more about my complex husband and fall in love a little deeper. It will be a good year, like all the rest. I’m moving forward with the path I’ve worked hard for and that is the best I can. No longer looking back but striving to do better.


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