Best pic Oscar vote

I was asked what I thought what would win or should win this years Oscar for the Indy Star. It didn’t make it into the paper but here is my answer…

I believe that Hugo and The Artist both have the strongest chance at Best Pictures wins this year. Both represent the beginnings of the film industry in a way that is romantic, treasured, eventful, and non-preachy.
The Weinstiens have an amazing way of pulling out suprize Oscars (Shakespeare In Love) win due to marketing and their strong hold on Oscar voters. However The Artist reminds me of several other movies, The Thin Man, Singing In the Rain, City Lights, etc. Which is wonderful to enjoy, however, Best Pictures represent the best work and new voice that film has brought to the masses. This is why I think Hugo will win. Hugo has a original story along with a message that filmmakers are magicians. A message that as I filmmaker I adore. Films are so much what you see, it’s what you don’t see. If you don’t see the tricks of how the movie was made, it’s magical. In Hugo, films are the window to our dreams and to me that’s what movies should still be about.

Regardless of what win’s I’m looking forward to a night that celebrates the movies.


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