Production Journal for Ingenue

I’ve always wanted to write a book on filmmaking but I know that I still have a lot to learn. Plus I don’t have the credentials that a lot of filmmaker book authors have. But I do know what I’ve done and should done and if that helps other filmmakers with do’s and don’t than I think that’s helpful.

So as I go through production on my first feature I’m writing in a production journal. Think Rebel Without a Crew but without the medical trials. This journal will be published at the completion of post for Ingenue. It will have all the trials and successes that go into making a film; casting, funding, scheduling, costuming. Anything and everything will be in this journal. When it’s published it will also include the full shooting script of Ingenue.

I’m going to try to find some sections and published them here on my blog for a taste.

If you’re interested in getting a finished copy of the book before anyone else, it’s one of the perks on our Indie Go Go campaign.

For $250 donation you receive (ends May 22)

  • a reader copy of the Ingenue production journal before it’s for sale to the public
  • You get an Ingenue DVD screener before anyone else!
  • Signed copy of the shooting script by talent and crew.
  • All 13 Karmic Courage Produced short films on DVD!
  • Two free tickets to the premiere of Ingenue. (Travel and housing not provided)
  • A listing on our website under “Supporters” as well as
  • A special thanks in the credits of the finished film
  • Special backer-only updates.

Besides the photo from my actual journal here is a sneak peak

3/13/12 I need to send out press releases. Don’t know if I should send some out now or wait for the Indie Gogo campaign. Perhaps both. Hitting press with releases as many times as I can with new information is favoriable.

April is going to be as nutty as March. This month was Days of the Dead, trip to Michigan to see my nephews and the Gamer Chick shoot. April will be the casting call for Ingenue, River Bend Film Festival, Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival, and possibly LA Comedy Shorts. That sucks up a lot of time from Ingenue prep. I’ll need to get as much done in between as possible.


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