I Blame Lucas

I’ve been working on this movie memoir for years and if I can take November and the National Novel Writing Month (NanoWriMo) to finish it, I will!

As visual inspiration, I made up a cover for the book. Note: that is not actually Lucas but a friend of mine, George Starkey.

The book covers 50 films starting with Star Wars: a new hope and ending with Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I’ve posted two chapters from the book already on my blog. Here is a link to Chapter 1 about Star Wars: a new hope and her is a later chapter about Finding Nemo and how it related to the Iraq war.

I do have other movie essays that won’t appear in the book but are on my blog. Sucker Punch, Exit Through the Gift Shop,  and Love the Beast

The book shows how movies were my greatest teachers – not only for filmmaking but for life. There were films that I saw in the most perfect time in my life and gave me traction to go in the direction I wanted to, but needed a push. This is not a critique book, it’s how 50 films shaped my life to the person I wanted to be.

Now, I just have to finish it.


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