Monster High Party for under $100


Monster High is an incredibly fun theme for a girl’s birthday party. The message behind the show is “Be you. Be unique. Be a monster.” They celebrate and support each others differences.

In the last few months there has been a lot more party supplies you can buy to put on a great party, but what if (like me) you are limited on funds? Here is the 10th Birthday party I put together for 12 kids for under $100.


20121008-115953.jpg 20121008-120449.jpg
We used my daughter’s Monster High dolls on their stands sprinkled in their accessories and de-composition books. We also added a cardboard coffin and rubber snakes we have for Halloween decor.

The black table cloth added a great lace-like texture. We found this a few years ago at Meijer during Halloween time.
Among the fake spiders and webs are Monster High Streamers we found at Party City ($2). We wrapped them around the lights and hung some in the doorway. The glitter bat we got at Target ($1).

We did buy the Monster High plates, napkins and cups at Walmart ($10).

I added my daughter’s last year’s Frankiestein costume to the door so guest knew they were in the right spot.


The 2 liter labels were a fun touch, I was planning on printing them out but I was lucky enough to find them at Party City ($3). I do wish you could write on them the actual flavors, I spend a good deal of the party answering what the flavors were. Also note that if the 2 liters are refrigerated, the labels will start to ripple from the “sweating” but hey, it’s one day! ($9 soda and water)

I got this idea from Pinterest. These we really popular at the party. They are chocolate pudding ($2), crumbled Oreo’s ($2.50), gummy worm ($1) and Milano cookie with RIP in icing ($3.50).

Spider pretzels. I took pretzel sticks and snapped them in half to make web then added melted candy quick to hold it together. ($2)

Cocoa Krispies cut using a coffin cookie cutter. ($8)

The rest of the spread was made up of the left over pretzels, Oreos, gummy worms, cookies, and licorice, bat brownies and nerds. ($6)

For the cake I was going to master royal icing but thanks to a Skullette dry erase board I found at Target the cake was simple but screamed Monster High. Total cake price $13 with candles.

We went with 3 games. Monster High UNO ($7), Monster High Bingo and Fear Leading Try Outs. We had Monster High prizes for each game ($4).I made the MH Bingo using photoshop and the MH UNO cards. Download the PDF bingo cards here —>; Monster High Bingo Each card was full of all the characters in the UNO set. I put all the UNO cards in a bag and shook it up. One kid drew a card and that was the spot to mark off. The first one with four in a row won.

20121008-124209.jpg 20121008-124230.jpg 20121008-124310.jpg

Cute little gift bags with a sticker strip, a notebook, temp tattoos, and vampire teeth ($16) for 20 bags.

20121008-125122.jpg 20121008-125137.jpg

Kids had a great time! Hope your kids do too!



16 thoughts on “Monster High Party for under $100

  1. Shannon says:

    Thanks so much for these ideas. My daughter loves the bingo! Can you tell us about the Fear Leading Try Outs? Shannon

    1. Kate Chaplin says:

      We weren’t apposed to putting in candy but because it was around Halloween they had mini tattoos, vampire teeth, pencils mini notebooks and erasers all Monster High Themed so we went with that.

    1. Kate Chaplin says:

      Thank you! I found that image online with another girls name and picture on it and changed it in photoshop. Feel free to right click on the image and change it for your needs. I think there are etsy shops that will make custom MH invitations that may be similar.

  2. Dynetta says:

    Very cute party idea’s my daughter wants the same theme in November… the monster high UNO cards are also at Walmart & Walgreens but you can also find other monster high games at Family Dollar Stores.

  3. Micki says:

    I love all your ideas!! My daughter is going to be 7 in October and like you and well most people for that matter we have a budget, so I am very happy I found some great and inexpensive ideas!!

  4. Amanda Harris says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My daughter will be turning 10 in a February and she wanted to do something different. So Monster High/Halloween theme it is! These are some awesome ideas you have shared. I so appreciate it! Were on a tight budget but you made it look like you spent so much more especially for a large number of girls, you did GREAT! Thank you for the link to the free bingo game as well!

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