Female Director talk at Starbase Indy!

I’ll be giving a 30 minute talk on “Being a Female Director” as well as screening 3 of my films at this year’s Starbase Indy.

“Indie Film Screening: Three films by Karmic Courage Productions”

Featuring: Home Security, Love Dance and Leah Not Leia.  I wrote and directed Home Security. I directed Love Dance, written by Terry Shepard. I wrote Leah Not Leia, directed by Tom Johnson and Nate Savidge.  There is also a chance of seeing a special clip from my upcoming sci-fi feature “Ingenue.”


Friday, November 23,  5pm in Main Programing (Liberty Hall)

Sunday, November, 25, 12pm in Salon A

TALK – BEING A FEMALE DIRECTOR (following the Sunday screenings)

Sunday, November 25

2pm in Salon A

Starbase Website: http://www.starbaseindy.com/

Pocket Schedule: http://www.starbaseindy.com/images/documents/2012-SBI-PS.pdf


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