Lalaloopsy Party

My daughter loves the Lalaloopsy Dolls and is trying her hardest to collect them all. So it only seem fitting that for her 6th birthday party we had a “Sew Magical, So Cute” party.

phone 2013 686


Using a foam circle, yarn and a yarn needle we made this cute and memorable invitations.

photo (13)

photo (12) 2


phone 2013 698Outside we hung pink and yellow rice lamps as I have a fear of balloons (old Bozo Show trauma).

phone 2013 687

Inside we used ribbons along the arch. The girls loved running back and forth. We got a Lalaloopsy Happy Birthday Banner for the present table.

We used yarn balls and a few dolls as decor as well. Like Mango Tiki Wiki next to a Pineapple.

phone 2013 674


phone 2013 692

My daughter’s got a paint-your-own castle from Micheal’s and put their mini Lalaloopsy’s in it for the center piece of the food table. We had, hot dogs, carrots & celery, Pickle BLT sandwiches, cloud jello, popcorn, cotton candy, Skittles, M&M’s, paper dots.

phone 2013 694

I learned that when you have cotton candy out in cupcake cups and a semi-humid day the cotton candy gets crusty. Next time I’ll have them in cello bags like the popcorn.

phone 2013 695

Cloud Jello was super easy and fun to do. I used Berry Blue Jello and cool whip and alternated putting in the hardened jello with the dollops of cool whip.

phone 2013 696

Based on the cute character of the same name we made mini Pickle BLT sandwiches. I used two pieces of bread cut into fourths, made a lot of sandwiches for little effort.


Not the biggest success for kindergartners but we did a button craft using paper plates, glue and a ton of buttons. Here is what I thought they’d turn out like…

phone 2013 681

These were the cute and creative results…phone 2013 701

We also had a bucket toss game that went over very well. We got 4 buckets at Micheal’s and filled each one with candies. Tootsie Rolls, Starbursts, Fruit Snacks and full size candy bars. Using the large safety pin handles that come on the Lalaoopsy sisters they toss them into as many buckets to collect candy.

phone 2013 704


My little one wanted donuts. So we got cake pans in the shape of donuts and made yellow cake with chocolate frosting (they tasted like a basic slice of cake) and decorated them with a variety of sprinkles. Plus a birthday one.

phone 2013 673

phone 2013 669Fun was had by all!

phone 2013 716


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