Exploration of being a woman today

It wasn’t until that my daughters were born that I started to see the importance of being treated, at home and in the work place, as equals.

I’ve faced bullying, misogyny, discrimination and abuse due only to the fact that I am a women – nothing to do with my work/life experience, attitude or talents.

I have started this blog post as a place for links to videos and articles that show the good, bad and ugly of women’s struggle with equality. I will continue to add to it.


A young girls soon-to-be anthem

Dustin Hoffman on playing Tootsie and learning about women

A change of perception

Representations of Gender in Advertising

Killing us softly 4 Advertising Image of Women

Great Ted Talk by Sheryl Sandberg asking women to “Lean In”

How Movie Teach Man Hood TED talk by Colin Stokes

Joss Whedon’s acceptance of Equality Now 

Patrick Stewart talking about Domestic Violence

Scene From “Beautiful Girls” of real women vs. fake women


study: TV’s Female Characters are sexual targets 

Why are Women Reluctant be called a Feminist? An Interview with Ellen Page

Little Girls are Better Than Creating Superhero’s than you

How to Talk to Little Girls 

Number of Women in Top Grossing Movies Hits a 5 Year Low 

Women in Film are Underrepresented and Hypersexualized Despite Being “The Year of the Woman” 

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

Why Afghan Women Risk Death to Write Poetry

30 Things Women Need to Stop Doing 

Before and After Photoshopping 

Slut Shamming and Concern Trolling in Geek Culture 

Pictures of People Who Mock Me 

An Open Letter To Men Who Comment on Women’s Weight 

Female “Purity” if Bullshit 

Self Defense Moves for “Girls” 

8 Secrets from 8 Curvy Women Who Love Their Bodies 





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