Sherlock Party

My daughter adores the BBC Sherlock and she chose it for her birthday party theme. There wasn’t much online for Sherlock parties so I hope these ideas help out for your Sherlock party – or Moriparty.



We love the sarcasm in Sherlock and thought Sherlock’s text to John in episode 1 was a good invite. The pieces of this mock up were an iPhone in a pink case (A la A Study in Pink), another text from Sherlock online and the text was changed using blank text bubbles, the Sherlock font from that we used for the invite details and the image of Sherlock himself. Lastly we added the 221B Baker Street wallpaper behind the whole image.

IMG_6105 (no address)


We used soap and wrote “Get Sherlock” backwards on the front door and added a damask paper table cloth to the bottom of the door. In the main party area we used our white board easel to have “I AM SHER LOCKED” from Irene Adlers phone.

IMG_6167 IMG_6182


We had a great spread inspired by the episodes with bits of decor sprinkled in.

  • Smiley face chocolate chip cookies
  • Oreo eyeball cookies. Perfect for Sherlock to dip into his coffee
  • Colorful foil candies. Luckily we were providing more than just this to the kids.
  • Moria Tea with a crown (dog hat)
  • Speedy Sandwiches – ham and cheese
  • Cheese tray with John’s mustache – is he really keeping that thing?
  • I O U apples – a gift from Moriarty
  • 221B Brownies
  • Chips – A.K.A lunch from Molly & Sherlock
  • Fortune Cookies
  • H.O.U.N.D t-shirt made an appearance as did Sherlock’s favorite skull/hiding place and two pill bottles – a good bottle and a bad bottle.

IMG_6170 IMG_6152IMG_6154 IMG_6155IMG_6156 IMG_6171IMG_6172 IMG_6176

IMG_6160 IMG_6174IMG_6180


Good Bottle and Bad Bottle made from old clear capsules we had in the house, emptied and filled with sugar and pink sugar. Don’t eat or swallow – decor only.


Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my daughter’s favorite and we made it into the crown jewels just before Moriarty wore them. Square cake pan to make the pedestal, rose frosting design that was designed to transition from dark chocolate frosting to milk chocolate but it’s hard to tell the variation by sight. Vanilla roses at the top to have the glass case shine a bit. Sugar glass poured into tin foil molds. Yes the writing “Get Sherlock is not backwards but birthday girl liked it better this way. Outside is a fire extinguisher made of fondant to “break” the glass. Inside the case is a plastic chair, a pillow and a crown from my daughter’s Lalaoopsy mini dolls.

IMG_6149 IMG_6143 IMG_6146 IMG_6147


In the front room we had a game area set up with Clue, Clue Jr and Guess Who. We heard about a game called Sherlock where you play Jenga and Clue at the same time but no one tried it. We also had make your own finger prints with cocoa powder, tape and post its and a print out of how to make a origami black lotus.



Much like Sherlock we had a lab set up in the kitchen. Sherlock watched over us in his blanket. We covered the lab until the game started. Then gave the guests 1 minute to study the table before covering it back over. They then had 2 minutes to write down as many things as they could remember from the lab table.

The microscopes were a big hit and we even had slides for the guests to check out.

The next game was a lot of fun and was played multiple times. Guess the handwriting. I had each guest write “The Game is on” in any way they wanted to. Then I mixed up the cards and asked the guests to stand in line. I gave them all a random card to hold in front of them. We started with the birthday girl, first she found her own card she wrote then – The game was on! She tried to match the handwriting to the person who wrote it. When selections were finished we had each person look at their card, if they were the one who wrote it, they sat down. Very hard game but with excellent deduction and watching the reactions of the guests, our birthday girl got 2/3 of them correct!



For present time, we cleared out the lab (mostly) and let the birthday girl sit next to Sherlock. The seat next to her was “the seat of honor” where the giver of the gift sits, hugs follow. Makes a great picture and a meaningful moment.



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