Kate’s Take: You’ve Got Mail

You've got Mail

Such a fun and cute movie is actually pretty deep. Wil and I dig into the movie and wonder if You’ve Got Mail was a warning cry for a loss of our personal connections that it turns out we didn’t listen to.

5 Warning Cries from You’ve Got Mail

  1. Social media has replaced the solitare game problem to become “the end of Western civilization as we know it.”
  2. When was the last time we got a letter in the mail? When was the last time we got an email that was a conversation?
  3. A Starbucks order is still a self-esteem accomplishment
  4. The VCR debate has been replaced with the DVR debate.
  5. Mom & Pop stores are being overrun and closed down because of the “big bad chain stores”

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ygm 2

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