4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. m brodie says:

    i want to see sucker punch because i like abbie cornish but haven t yet because i have a feeling that its just going to be a another man bashing film,,when you generalized men in listing their movies,rambo etc,these are not woman bashing films ,are they ? by your comments i see the type you are
    A naked man is natural,a naked woman is the right to be offended
    if a woman complains about female nudity shes well within her rights,if a man complains about male nudity,hes a hypocrite with a screw loose.
    A male who poses naked is high art,a female who poses naked is somebody’s daughter.
    A male athlete poses naked,it’s all in a good cause,a female athlete who poses naked is a role model setting a wrong example
    a man posts naked pics of his girlfriend online,she can have him arrested,a woman posts naked pics of her boyfriend online,he’s advised to laugh it off.
    A female tv presenter says,im better than any man,she gets a round of applause,a male tv presenter says im better than any woman,he’s made to resign.
    A pub has a female stripper booked, a woman can boycott the pub,the pub has a male stripper,the same woman books front row seats.
    A female stripper does the job because she needs the money to support her family,a male stripper is in a reputable profession
    a female stripper is degrading herself,a male stripper is a reputable profession
    a full frontal female in a movie or on tv is a glimpse of pubic hair 20 feet away in the dark a full frontal male is his sex organs
    actor who appears full frontal is brave,an actress appears full frontal is jeopardizing her career by taking a risk
    2 males in a gay love scene are acting a part,2 females in a lesbian scene are being exploited
    a naked man in a tv advert is funny or a womans fantasy,a naked woman in a tv advert is 100 poison pen letters
    a female peeks into a male locker room is a bit of fun,a male peeking into a female locker room is a sexual deviant.
    A man who sees a nurse uniform as a sexual fantasy is a disgrace,a fireman uniform is a sexual fantasy

  2. Jean Givan says:

    kate, i’m “lovin'” u right about now. reading one of ur books about filmmaking. loving it! it’s the most helpful book i’ve read thus far. it’s like a capstone with all the other things i’ve read, workshops i’ve gone to, etc. THANKS. i look forward to a LONG (and hopefully one day professional) association wth you.

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