Mythic Waters: Shoki’s Bag

CS Shoki front cover

Planet Victoria is divided into two realms – the human realm and the spirit realm. Even though their relationship is symbiotic, there is a great divide geographically and spiritually between the humans and the spirits of nature.

Rejected from society because of his facial disfigurement, Shoki leaves his job as a circus strongman and becomes a Traveler. He carries with him a carpetbag that is filled with black ooze manifested from his shame, regret and failures. He’s determined to rid himself of his baggage but lacks the strength.

When Nix, princess of Water Spirits, searches for her kidnapped sister she meets Shoki. Because Nix is wounded and has lost her powers, Shoki reluctantly agrees to help her and return her sister to the water realm. Their journey will not be easy as a war is brewing between the humans and the spirits over a valuable commodity – steam power.

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Ingenue: a Portrait of the Film

ingenue poster 2Including more than 50 photographs, this inspiring book captures writer/director/producer Kate Chaplin’s personal journey into telling a tale about the strength of family. Ingenue follows a married couple who is blackmailed into raising a human analog after finding her in their basement. Ingenue confronts the mystery of adoption, love, sacrifice and what it means to be a woman today. With forward and production stories by Kate Chaplin, the cast and the crew, this book details various perspectives and talents that go into making a film. This lovely portrait of the film includes the full screenplay and full cast and crew credits.

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The Celebration Diet

Celebration Diet - Cover

“The Celebration Diet” is not your typical diet book. The pages within aren’t about what food to eat or how to exercise. “The Celebration Diet” is a companion book to any diet program or way of life. It’s a great list of ideas of fun activities that take the central activity away from a big dinner and back on memorable celebrations that won’t add to your waistline.
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The Belief Test

cover art

Hundreds of questions to ask yourself on the journey of life. Great questions to reconfirm for discover what is you belief about life, love, religion, politics and more!

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I Blame Lucas: a movie memoir

I blame Lucas mock up The book covers 50 films starting with Star Wars: a new hope and ending with Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I’ve posted two chapters from the book already on my blog. Here is a link to Chapter 1 about Star Wars: a new hope and her is a later chapter about Finding Nemo and how it related to the Iraq war.

I do have other movie essays that won’t appear in the book but are on my blog. Sucker PunchExit Through the Gift Shop,  and Love the Beast

The book shows how movies were my greatest teachers – not only for filmmaking but for life. There were films that I saw in the most perfect time in my life and gave me traction to go in the direction I wanted to, but needed a push. This is not a critique book, it’s how 50 films shaped my life to the person I wanted to be.


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