IMG_8918I’ve been so lucky to be called “The Queen of Indie Film” and “A Powerful Woman” by the Indy Star. The Writer’s Page called me one of the “most talented writers around today”. I’m a filmmaker, author and podcaster.

        My film projects have appeared on MTV, VH1 Discovery Channel, in film festivals and at conventions. I make films that feature strong and flawed female characters. I’ve made 18 films projects of various lengths since 2005. I’ve won awards in Indiana and Hollywood. My newest projects are the the upcoming original series Shoki’s Bag and a teen feature film called Wig’d Out. In 2016 I’m taking a break from filmmaking and concentrating more on books and podcasting.

       I am the author of The Belief Test and The Celebration Diet, and Mythic Waters: Shoki’s Bag. I have many more books on the horizon staying in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.

       I’m the host of the multi-award winning podcast, Kate’s Take, where I take a film and break down its universal life lessons. The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and on YouTube.

Connect With Me

email kate(at)karmiccourage(dot)com




Buy My Stuff

Dig what I do? Visit the Karmic Courage Production’s Shop and buy DVD’s and Book’s that I’ve written/directed/produced.

Awards Won

  • Most Entertaining – IndyPodcast Awards 2015 – Kate’s Take
  • Rookie of the Year – Indy Podcast Awards 2015 – Kate’s Take
  • Geek Event Coverage – IndyPodcast Awards 2015 – Kate’s Take
  • Best Short Film Non-genre – Imaginarium Convention 2015 – Leah Not Leia
  • Best Ever You Oscar – Best Ever You Radio Network 2013 – Ingenue
  • Audience Choice – River Bend Film Festival 2012 – Leah Not Leia
  • Silver Award for Defying Sterotypes – Gold Award Film Festival 2009 – First They Came for…
  • Audience Choice – INDY Awards 2008 – First They Came for… 
  • Semi-finalist – PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2006 – My Apologies to Mr. Wells
  • Semi-finalist – Star Cinema’s Video Contest 1995 – You’re So Cool


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