Frozen Birthday for $100

Amazingly one of my most popular posts is the Monster High Party for under $100 so I thought I’d post the Frozen Party details. This party was $100 on the carrot-ed nose!

Frozen invitation (no info)


My little one always invites her whole class and so I’ve been using a photo center like Walgreens to print 4×6 prints that I make on the computer. I grabbed a image from frozen and a frame I liked. The rest is just text details.

frozen poster on doorDECOR

So people knew they were in the right place, we got a Frozen poster from Walmart and put it on the lower part of the front screen door. I was going to get a poster made of Olaf but this was much easier and cheaper.

The set up was the front room was Elsa’s ice castle. The living room showed Frozen on the TV and the kitchen was Olaf’s Summer Land.

Ice castleThe ice castle was made from a 8×8 canopy tent I got at Menards. I just used the frame and attached tulle to the top and draped it over each side creating three panels on each side. I bought a bolt on Amazon and turns out it wasn’t enough so I got the darker blue tulle at Hobby Lobby. Happy mistake as the two colors gave it more depth. In the end I used 55 yards.

Ice castle 2

Inside we hung silver danglers and white fluffy decor both bought at Walmart but Party City has them too.

I put down pillows and the girls played in the tent. Later into the party we had a snowball fight! The tent kept most of the snowballs in the tent. We even had clear cups that they could knock down with their snowballs. You can make your own but we used these. 

Olaf's summer landOur chalkboard let the way to Olaf’s Summer Land.

The spreadIn the kitchen the decor was luau/summer themed. We had a grass skirt trim around the island, paper pineapples, and foil palm tree from Party City. The parasol was from Hobby Lobby.

We had a scavenger hunt in the kitchen to find as many things from Olaf’s Summer song.

  • Bees a Buzzin’ – we made perler bead bees and hung them up with fishing line
  • Kids will blow dandelion fuzz – I made some from yarn and green straws.
  • With a drink in my hand – drink cups
  • My snow up against the burning sand – we had a little bucket filled with play sand and glitter
  • Probably getting gorgeously tan – left over cardboard wrapped with tin foil made a suntan catcher, plus a bottle of sunblock just in case.
  • Summer breeze – We had a fan to the side of the room to keep the bees moving around
  • Solid water – ice in the cooler
  • My buddies – this was a tricky one but all the guests were the buddies
  • Happy snowman – We had an Olaf balloon (Amazon)
  • Summer sun – summer decor from Party City
  • The sky will be blue – they needed to find anything blue (there was lots to pick from)
  • And you guys will be there too – in the song Olaf is referring to Anna and Kristoff so I had a cut out picture of the two of them.

dandelion fuzzbeessummer son tan


Candy quick and strawberry’s made our Frozen Hearts

Blue Raspberry jello with whipped cream decorated with a paper umbrella made our clouds

Carrots and Pretzal made up our Olaf noses and arms.

I had left over sugar glass from the cake and put that out too but there wasn’t too many takers.

Sven’s snacks were made up of pineapple, grapes, crackers, cheese and apples.

We also had an assortment of sandwiches…because we finish each others…sandwiches. Peanut Butter & Jelly, nutella and hawaiian ham and provolone.

Sven snacks sugar glass olaf noses frozen hearts blue clouds



My daughter saw this cake on pinterest and really wanted it. The cake toppers were the hardest to find. My mother waited outside a Disney store for a new shipment delivery and managed to get these dolls. I attached Popsicle sticks to Anna & Elsa’s legs so they would stay in the cake better.

cakeIt was two boxes of yellow cake mix. I used 9″ round pans for the bottom and donut pans for the top layer (2 donuts). I frosted the whole thing with vanilla icing for a crumb layer. I then separated the frosting into 4 containers – white, and three blues getting adding more blue food coloring until I liked the contrast in color. I learned how to make roses using a 1M Wilton tip. Here is a tutorial on making the roses, note I did have to start at the top because I was doing the ombre effect.

cake 2I started with the white and did a few roses on the top then added to the bag the lightest blue, when I was getting low on frosting in the bag, I’d add the next blue. It was actually pretty easy.

I can’t help it, so I added blue sugar sprinkles when all done to give it a little sparkle.

I made sugar glass for the backdrop. That was a bit trickier as I have a habit of burning the sugar glass so adding blue makes it green. To remedy that I added a lot of blue food coloring to the mix until it was more of a turquoise then when I dumped onto the baking pan with foil I added more blue food coloring and used a wooden spoon to give it the nice blue streaks. The best recipe for sugar glass I’ve found it this one. 

…And that was my little girl’s Frozen party. I hope you like these ideas!




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